1. Taliban says Imran Khan to be part of 5-member committee that will hold talks

2. Finance Minster Dar begins talks with IMF in Dubai

3. Pakistan may seek IMF waiver on borrowing

4. Government decides to raise gas prices amid IMF meeting

5. ECC to end subsidy for power users

6. Muhammad Aurangeb offered SBP governor slot

7. Privatization Minster says PPL, OGDC and UBL may be privatized before June

8. Marketing roadmap finalized for the launch of government securities through stock exchanges

9. FBR provisionally collects 26%YoY higher tax in January 2014

10. Government to announce new textile policy by middle of this year

11. SoEs to have new heads shortly 

12. ICH fate hangs in balance as LDI operator exits agreement; other major operators also considering opting out

13. Major oil products’ prices kept unchanged

14. ICI enters fast growing food business

15. Indus Motor (INDU) may launch new model of Toyota Corolla in mid 2014 


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