msciMSCI Frontier Market Review May14

4  new  companies  were  added  to  the  MSCI Frontier main  index  while  1  is  deleted.

K‐electric  (KEL)  and  Pakistan  Tobacco  (PKAT)  are  the  new  introduction  while  Lucky Cement (LUCK) and Pakistan State Oil (PSO) are upgraded from small cap index. On the other hand, Hub Power (HUBC) is to deleted from the main index and downgraded to small cap index.

In  the  small  cap  index,  there  are  27  additions  to  and  39  deletions.  Of  the  total,  9  new  companies  are  of  Pakistan, whereas 3 are deleted.

Besides,  HUBC,  which  was  downgraded  from  the  main  index,  there  were  8  new  introductions  from Pakistan.  These  companies  include  Abbot  Lab  (ABOT),  Dawood  Hercules  (DAWH),  Fauji  Cement  (FCCL),  Habib  Metro  Bank  (HMB),  IGI Insurance  (IGIIL),  National  Foods  (NATF),  Packages  (PKGS)  and  Shell Pakistan  (SHEL).  Of  the  3  deleted,  two  (PSO  and   LUCK)  were  upgraded  to  main  index,  while  ICI  Pakistan  (ICI) was the only company to be eliminated from the MSCI.


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