Punjab government is all set to purchase 520 new vehicles worth Rs600 million as summary has been forwarded to provincial sub-cabinet committee on finance despite objections raised by Planning & Development (P&D) department.

Recently, Punjab govt has slapped ban on purchase of new vehicles.

As per details acquired, Punjab Agriculture department would acquire 500 vehicles including 341 Suzuki vans and 169 single cabin vehicles.

Five vehicles worth Rs10 million would be purchased for Southern Punjab Forest Company whereas four vehicles worth Rs9.05 million would be acquired for Punjab Public-Private Partnership Cell.

Three new vehicles would be granted to Punjab Resource Management and eight to Multiple Index Cluster Survey. AP van would be purchased for Monitoring and Evaluation department whereas 1300CC Toyota Corolla would be awarded to Nutrition Cell.

Likewise, four vehicles worth Rs13.2 million would be purchased for Wildlife & Parks department.


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