About Inside Financial Markets

Inside Financial Markets is a joint publication of Pakistan Stock Exchange and Society of Technical
Analysts Pakistan (STAP) published for the Members Society of Technical Analysts of Pakistan and
Pakistan Stock Exchange and an official partners of International Trader’s Publication. The vision is to
launch the magazine which will cover the insights of the equity markets, debt markets, commodities
markets and mutual funds. and provide the latest information regarding technical analysis, mathematical
and psychological aspects of the markets is presented each month through articles and
interviews. The profession investor can continue to sharpen their skills and knowledge base and stay
current with developments in the world of trading.

The Pakistan Society of Technical Analysts was formed in 2011 in response to a need for a local association promoting technical analysis skills and techniques for investment professionals working in the capital markets of the country. The founding members of the society were professionals employed in the local equity brokerage industry and applied technical analysis in their investment decision making in their capacity as equity traders and technical analysts. With a mutual interest to promote best practices, STAP is a developing society of International Federation of Technical Analyst, chapter representative of Market Technician Association and education partner of The Pakistan Stock Exchange (G) Limited.

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