ifmlogoInside Financial Markets in association with METASTOCK , CSI is conducting workshop on Trading & Technical Analysis.

For the first time in Pakistan, Inside Financial Markets in association with Canadian Securities Institute and Society of Technical Analyst Pakistan is conducting one day training session on Trading & Technical Analysis.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts and techniques of Technical Analysis as practiced today by many fund managers, asset allocation strategists, equity and forex traders in the capital markets. Insights from technical analysis and other quantitative methods will be a vital and valuable supplement to the traditional macroeconomic theory and modeling tools available to finance professionals. Of particular focus in the course will be the increasing importance of inter-market technical and quantitative analytical tools. Rather than taking specific securities and considering their valuations and expected returns in isolation, the emphasis will be much more on the interconnection of items from different asset classes. In contemporary markets, questions about the appropriate valuation of, for example, equity markets are as much affected by price developments in FX and sovereign debt markets, as by macroeconomic indicators regarding GDP growth,


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