1. Hello.I was almost the future wife of KHALID MAHMOOD KHOkhar…and if u want to have a good real story with all the proves pictures and conversation about the real situation on KHALID MEHMOOD KHOKHAR family u contact me or I will go to other news paper…its my right as his victim to tell the truth to u or to other news who need this story and to police I will go to against his son for blackmailing me and all this for what I have proives since an year.I ask myself and you how come a son of President even from farmers who show up in TV .has no money for his son and my mom a gas station worker has to spend her money on his son or his older son Muhammad Anwar is just his bastard? And why the son of President Of Farmers in all Pakistan has to be a common thief and stealing peoples money from they’d bank cards..I repeat for all I say halere I have all the proves and I have to do something because his son blackmailing me and tormenting my live since half of year trying to force my hand marry him.


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